Remembrance Day 2023

Sundy 12th November 2023 was the 4th Annual Remembrance Day arranged by the Military and Blue Light Veterans (MBLV) at the Nueva Trinidad in Arboleas.

It was lovely to see so many people turn out to join us in remembering our Glorious Dead and to help raise much needed funds to support the living. We estimated circa 140 people made the effort.

The people raised a staggering €2.4k which was all for the Royal British Legion, Zurgena branch.

Thanks go to would like to a few people who made the day so special and successful.

Keith Martin (Secretary) and Malcolm Leech are a pair of first class ticket sellers, no pressure, just great. You guys tirelessly went round and done amazing!

Anji Badley and Pat Martin for counting the money, and there was a lot of it! And for the general assistance on the day with admin support.

Almeria Radio-live Catherine Macdonald Robbie Macdonald for broadcasting the event live on air and Nikki Batchelor for being an amazing presenter yet again!

The Nueva Trinidad bar for use of the venue which was great!

David Fox, Dennis Hibbert and Kimberley Warner for doing the readings for the Act of Remembrance.

To Karen Rushton , Angus Charlton and Jacque Charlton and everyone who supported our raffle with prizes.

Casey Homer and Lorraine Chandler for taking the time to create two amazing pictures for auction, they were incredible, really amazing!

All the people who put their suits on, wore their medals, came out, joined us to Remember and put their hands in their pockets to support the living!!

To all of you, events like this just dont happen without your suport, you are amazing, thank you, thank you THANK YOU…

MBLV – Where great people make amazing things happen!

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